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Industry Supported Satellite Symposia

6th of May 10:45 - 11:45
Satellite Symposium Slot 1

The cytokine environment at conception and impact on the embryo
• Sarah Robertson, Australia
6th of May 13:45 - 14:45
Satellite Symposium Slot 2

Standardization, Automation and Innovative Developments in the Embryology Lab – SAID in the Embryology Lab
• Tammie Roy from Genea Biomedx, Australia: Continuous Improvements in the Embryology Lab through Standardization and Automation
• Marcos Meseguer from IVI Valencia, Spain: Innovative New Developments for Undisturbed Culture systems
• Eugenia Rocafort from IVF Spain: Clinical Utilization of an Eeva, an automatic test to assess embryos
7th of May 10:45 - 11:45
Satellite Symposium Slot 3

Time-lapse for improved overall IVF
Prof. Markus Montag, Sankt Augustin, Germany

The value of universal selection algorithms for routine application of time-lapse imaging
• Prof. Markus Montag, Sankt Augustin, Germany

Implementation of time-lapse – considerations and benefits
• Dr. Cristina Hickman, Boston Place Clinic, The Fertility Partnership, UK

The outcome of using time-lapse and getting to single embryo transfer
• Dr. Péter Kovács, Medical Director, Kaáli Institute IVF Center, Budapest, Hungary
7th of May 13:45 - 14:45
Satellite Symposium Slot 4

Vitrification: when versatility becomes a virtue. Face the daily challenges in your lab with excellent results.

  • Marcos Meseguer, ES (IVI Group) will refer to vitrification at any stage of development with same materials and same protocol.
  • Louise Best, UK (CARE Group) will refer to Blastocysts vitrification and PGD, also with some references to the closed system (Cryotop SC).

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